At Logan Healthy Living, we hold a strong commitment to fostering positive change in the lives of our clients and students, as well as within the healthcare sector. We believe in providing accessible and compassionate care that empowers individuals to lead fulfilling and healthier lives. This passion drives everything we do.

Discover how we make a difference and what we are doing to achieve this below.


Participant testimonials

Jacquie Abel, 73, Complex Diagnosis Program

“It’s been very good…I’ve been type 2 diabetic since 2000 and this is the first time something like this has been offered to me. So I’ve grabbed it with two hands, because without it, I wouldn’t do it. It’s great for your health. We’re not pushed into things, everything is suggested with your best interests in mind. And there’s plenty of support.” 

Judith Spice, 65, Early Diagnosis Program

“The lifestyle that we’ve had here, given to me by Logan Healthy Living, has been excellent. I’m a lot fitter, I’m feeling very active, my blood sugars have gone down. I’m excellent. But I wouldn’t have that unless I had these exercises to do… It’s just wonderful. And I’m very grateful for everything that you young people do. And everybody’s friendly. Everybody smiles. You feel included in everything.” 

Heather Blackwell, 61, My Health for Life Program

“[I have noticed] so many changes since I started in March. So not just physically, but also mentally… The staff are just excellent at what they do and they’re so friendly and everyone is made to feel welcome here… I love coming. And I think anyone that comes [here], it’s very different here…. Because you’re more focused on the people and not our, really our abilities.” 

Linda Fletcher, 72, Complex Diagnosis Program

The team here are really good – without them it would have been a lot harder to maintain interest – with their encouragement I’ve also been able to start doing exercise outside of the gym whilst also coming here twice a week… Although, I think I’m most proud of my motivation – I think motivation has been huge and [Logan] Healthy Living has really helped me with thatHaving this time to focus on myself and understanding the importance of good health has made me realise that there is no ‘good and bad’ diabetes – you just need to look after yourself and understand all of the information as best you can to do the right thing for yourself and your health.

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Student testimonials

Bridie Webber, 2024 Griffith University Physiotherapy student

My five week placement experience at Logan Healthy Living was extremely beneficial in growing my confidence as a future physiotherapist when working with populations who live with complex chronic diseases. Both clients and staff at LHL were extremely approachable, treated students with respect and fostered a safe and positive environment in which we worked throughout the five weeks. Regular constructive feedback, resources and opportunities for learning were provided to build my confidence as a future practitioner in both individual and group settings… I thoroughly enjoyed my time at LHL as I gained valuable skills in clinical reasoning by working under experienced clinical educators and LHL practitioners which I will continue to use in my future as a physiotherapist. 


Staff testimonials

Harrison Bouckley, LHL Exercise Physiologist

We are very lucky to host a variety of student placements at LHL, and I have been lucky enough to both work here as an exercise physiologist and clinical educator, and also as a student. I was one of their first students to attend placement at LHL, and through the guidance of my then clinical educators, and now colleagues, I have seen the profound impact that passionate staff and enthusiastic students can have on our participants. As a student, I was able to observe the team actively pursuing improved health outcomes for our participants, in an approach that put the participant first. Now, as an accredited exercise physiologist, I take pride in the work we do, knowing our team-based and ‘patient-first’ approach is an innovative and effective way to deliver healthcare. As much as I am fascinated by exercise and its intricate ways of improving our health, I most enjoy being surrounded by an authentic and caring team, guiding up and coming students through a unique placement experience, as well as our wonderful participants, who make each day new and exciting.  

Associate Professor Sjaan Gomersall, UQ Academic, LHL Evaluation lead

I have had the privilege of leading research and evaluation at Logan Healthy Living since the clinic’s inception. Our collaboration is the most rewarding, and successful, of my career to date and is a true partnership. One of the main projects for the evaluation of Logan Healthy Living was to design and implement a Data Registry, which had an extensive minimum data set to facilitate comprehensive reporting for stakeholders. To do this, the research team and the clinical and administrative team at Logan Healthy Living worked together to co-design the minimum data set and implement the protocol using collaboratively selected data collection platforms (including clinical proactive management software and research management software)… The clinic have continually demonstrated enthusiasm for building capacity in their research skills, diligence in collecting the required information from clients, and proactiveness and responsiveness when troubleshooting…. In 3.5 years, our partnership has resulted in over $1 million in competitive research funding (including funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council), by the end of 2024 is likely to result in over 5 publications (1 published, 2 under review, 2 in preparation), and has supported 4 Research Higher Degree students (3 PhD; 1 MPhil) and over 20 research internships/honours students.

Research and Evaluation

The program at Logan Healthy Living is underpinned by a rigorous evaluation framework that allows the service to not only be evidence informed, but evidence generating. Logan Healthy Living is completing our ongoing service evaluation and specific research questions to add to the evidence bases of chronic disease care, student training and consumer engagement/co design.

To date, Logan Healthy Living has/is supporting:

  • 3PhD students
  • 1 Master of Philosophy student
  • 8 Summer/Winter research scholarship student
  • 7 honors/research placement students


Research Outputs:

Healy, G, Jung, M, Gomersall, S, Goode, A, Dunstan, D (AI: Giguere, D). Small Steps for Big Changes: Implementing an Evidence-Based Diabetes Prevention Program into Diverse Urban Communities. (2023–2028) NHMRC-Canadian Institutes of Health Research Healthy Cities Implementation Science Team Grants. $1,189,495.48.

Giguere, D, Munro, J, Gomersall, S. Logan Healthy Living: An interprofessional practice supporting people at risk of, or living with, type 2 diabetes in the Logan area. Logan and Beaudesert Health Service Research Symposium. 23 April 2024. Brisbane, Queensland.

Giguere, D, Munro, J, Gomersall, S. Logan Healthy Living: An interprofessional practice supporting people at risk of, or living with, type 2 diabetes in the Logan area. Bayside Health Service Research Symposium. 15 November 2023. Brisbane, Queensland.

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Student Led Quality Improvement Projects

Logan Healthy Living also supports project based student placements, as well as students to participate in quality improvement projects during their time working in the clinic. To date, these have included:

  • Review and creation of Lifestyle Management Program resources
  • Creation of patient education handouts on relevant health promotion topics for LHL participants
  • Streamlining Referral Management and Reporting through Integrated Technology at Logan Healthy Living – SMART-LHL
  • Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy in the Diabetes Referral System of Logan Healthy Living
  • Case Study creation for ongoing service evaluation
  • Consumer Engagement survey and data collection to inform service improvement/development activities
  • Review and create of training resources for Small Steps for Big Changes implementation
  • Evaluation and implementation of pilot Community Engagement Group program

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