Research partnerships are valuable to consumers engaged with Logan Health Living, and the broader community of individuals living with Type 2 Diabetes. We are interested in partnerships that facilitate increased understanding of of T2D and the associated physical and mental health implications, as well as innovative approaches to treatment and condition management.

Ideally these will help to improve the service that we deliver and the outcomes of our patients, while also building capacity in our staff by participating in research activities.

If you are interested in conducting research in partnership with Logan Healthy Living please complete the expression of interest form below, which will be considered by a research committee, convened as a sub-committee of the LHL Steering Committee.


Applications will be considered according to the following criteria, which should be addressed in your EOI:

  • Consistency with the values and remit of Logan Health Living and all stakeholders
  • Research burden to Logan Healthy Living clients
  • Research burden on the Logan Healthy Living resources (including for example, staff, space and time)
  • The benefit of the proposed project for LHL clients


Expressions of interest for those seeking to partner on a grant application

(e.g., grant support letter)

Apply here 


Expressions of interest for those seeking to conduct research

(e.g., gatekeeper approvals for recruitment, conduct an on-site project)

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