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Social Work

Social workers commit to explore ways for you to enhance your wellbeing and pathways to engage you in your community that includes your social and emotional functioning. Lifestyle management, social interaction and access to the community are important to your health and wellbeing. Social workers assist with access to services, transport, carer stress and are also available to sit and have a chat with you.

There is practical support available to make your journey easier – but where to start? How to find it? We can help you navigate your next steps and point you in the right direction.

Individual social work consult

We work in collaboration with you to empower you to reach your goals and find the necessary services to support you. Our service might include:

  • Community agencies/services Referrals
  • Community Linking
  • Educational Information Sessions


What to expect in session?

Social workers are here to help in a compassionate and real way in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

First, we will get to know you, asking questions to determine how we can help. You can help us to clearly establish your challenges and your current situation by being open and responsive.

We will then work with you to establish a clear and realistic, step by step plan to get you closer to your goals. This might include:


Service Coordination

  • Connecting you to other services and supports in the community that meet your needs through referrals.
  • Provide information and guidance around financial issues
  • Working with you to phone specific services.


Emotional and Social Support

  • Talking through your current concerns, feelings and circumstances.
  • Offering therapeutic support to help you cope in different situations.
  • Exploring systems and supports that can help you.
  • Collaborative problem solving and decision making.


Community Engagement

  • Connecting with the community to access programs and workshops suitable for your needs
  • Information sessions.
  • Bringing people together.
  • Building your social interaction and network


Group Education Sessions: Social Work

During our group workshops we provide group education sessions delivered by our in-house interprofessional team and social work educator.

Sessions may cover topics such as navigating transport options in your local area, to groups activities and even gyms or exercise programs or tips to create and maintain a budget to enable access to nutritious food.