A brand-new year is upon us and for many of us, it can feel like a fresh new start. As we enter the new year, it’s natural to think about ways to improve our health. Health isn’t just about diet and exercise, there are plenty of ways to make positive changes in the coming year.


At Logan Healthy Living, our whole world revolves around helping those who are living with Type 2 Diabetes, or are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, become empowered to live their very best life. We get the privilege every day to see our participants, build up their confidence and minimize complications associated with living with Type 2 Diabetes, to live a happier and healthier life.


Our secret

Now we could give you a list of all the ways you can get more exercise or eat a more balanced diet, but the secret we have discovered at Logan healthy Living, is that if you are living with Type 2 Diabetes, what you really need is support. We hear your stories, that you’ve been told a million times what to do, or more accurately, what not to do. You tell us that doesn’t work, and we get it. No one needs another new year, new me to do list that may leave you disappointed or overwhelmed.

What we do know, is that through creating a safe and relaxed environment where you can share stories with others, learn at your own pace, exercise at your own level, and explore your own health and wellbeing without any judgement what-so-ever, our community is getting healthier and happier.

It’s simple, we are health experts who have stopped acting like experts. Because it’s you, you are the expert. You are the human, living your life, with all your experience and your health journey to share. If we can sit back and listen to what it is that you need, you already have all the answers. Our job is to support you and fill in any gaps that you are looking for.


We’re here for you

Our team consists of Exercise Physiology, Health Psychology, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Diabetes Education, and Social Work. All of which are here for you and what you need, at whatever stage of health you are currently at. We are your support team, your cheerleaders, your community.

Logan Healthy Living participants asked us for a community of likeminded people, just trying their best, to support each other, learn with each other and encourage each other. So that’s what we have done.


Logan Healthy Living is a no cost program, set up to support those living with, or at risk of type 2 Diabetes.

We hope you will join us this year and become a part of our community.

Learn more at our website and put us as number one on your New Year’s resolution list.

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